Two Mornings that Will Change Your Mind.

RiskSec 2020 DIGITAL is SC Media’s flagship cybersecurity event — produced for the first time in a compelling digital format that delivers a first-rate content, conversation and exhibition hall experience directly to the desktops of thousands of cybersecurity professionals.

This year’s RiskSec conference will focus on Resilient Thinking in an Unpredictable World and we present our conference with the strong recognition that the hill cybersecurity leaders must climb today is steeper than ever.

It’s no longer news that the global pandemic has expanded the attack surface. More important is the way we’ve changed how we think about risk, and about work, and about business and society more broadly. This emerging paradigm shift has major implications for the cybersecurity techniques businesses deploy, how they integrate training into risk management, and how they operate within their global business ecosystems.

To truly be resilient, today’s organizations must do more than maximize the power of their security stack, they must maximize the power of their security team, and of their entire workforce. Systems, services and training aren’t sufficient to keep pace. A mindset shift is required.

For the first time, SC Media’s highly anticipated RiskSec — an annual destination conference for the industry — will be hosted virtually, giving security professionals with access to experts and thinkers who will provide perspective and guidance on the changing rules of the road and proven strategic insights.


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